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TAPP Online

Welcome to the TYSABRI Australasian Prescribing Program (TAPP) training. This training is mandatory for all Neurologists and Nurses who are prescribing and managing the care of patients who are receiving TYSABRI.

TAPP Education Program

This program is an educational platform for neurologists and other healthcare professionals.

TAPP is designed to:

  • Ensure that those patients most likely to benefit from treatment receive TYSABRI.
  • Assist neurologists to appropriately assess the benefit/risk balance for each of their patients.
  • Ensure that TYSABRI is discontinued earlier rather than later if symptoms and/or signs appear consistent with PML.

TAPP consists of:

  • Neurologist and Infusion Nurses - compulsory prescribing program.
  • All Australian trained Healthcare Professionals to be recorded in a dedicated database (TAPP database) as per TGA reporting requirements.
  • Safety Updates and educational resources including:
  • TYSABRI Approved Product Information;

  • TYSABRI Consumer Medicine Information;

  • TYSABRI PBS Authority Information;

  • Process for requesting various medical tests for TYSABRI patients (anti-JCV antibody, anti-natalizumab antibody,
    JC Viral DNA testing)

  • PML Identification and Response brochure

The TAPP database has been custom-made for the TYSABRI Australasian Prescribing Program. The main objective of the database is to manage the commitments Biogen has made to the TGA, which are:

  • Rollout and tracking of training requirements for Healthcare Professionals.

TAPP will focus on clinical monitoring by Healthcare Professionals as the most appropriate risk management approach for treatment of relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis patients with TYSABRI.